Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully we can answer your questions. If you have any additional
questions about AfriSend, Please send us a message

Your transfer is important to us, so we provide status updates that allow you to easily track your transfer.
 At any time you can sign into your account and select “Transactions” to view all of your status updates
Our clients have no limit on the number of transactions or amount as long as all the
transaction sources and purpose are supported and verified.
All our transactions are real time if they are compliant with our internal controls and
the CBK guidelines
If using your mobile phone, you can download our mobile app on google play store or apple store, you can also send money through our website after creating an account
Yes, we charge a standard fee on all transactions
No, all transaction fees are charged on the sender at the point of sending the funds.
Daily rates are displayed on our website, our mobile app or from our customer care service desk (+254 111 050 640)
As a licensed money services business, Afrisend and its banking partners are required to comply with government-mandated verification requirements, which include validating customers' personal information. For your safety and convenience we will use information that you provide to verify your identity electronically. However, in some cases we may ask for additional documentation, such as your ID, a bank statement, or official piece of mail. In some cases we may ask about the nature of your remittance. This information gives us a better understanding of who you are sending money to and your reason for using Afrisend. This understanding not only allows us to meet our regulatory obligations, but also, more importantly allows us to continually improve our service to you.